Weekly Recap 11/23-11/27

Hi everyone, I hope you all were able to enjoy a happy and safe Thanksgiving. It was another great week for this newsletter, and I truly appreciate you all for taking the time to read it.

The set ups for this week worked out beautifully. Other than Monday, it was a fairly boring week with low volume, so I hope everyone practiced discipline and patience! This week’s set ups turned into some nice winners on $AAPL $DKNG and $FB, a couple missed opportunities on $SPCE and $TSLA…but no losses!

One of the most important developments of this week was that $ES_F and $NQ_F have flashed bullish signals and appear to be setting up for a huge run to end the year. If you missed it, make sure to check out the 11/24 update for more details!

$AAPL: Passed on Monday’s set up, but got in on Tuesday for a nice 4.33% run from the buy zone

$DKNG: Monday’s entry (signaled on twitter) gave an initial pop, but saw a lower low on Tuesday. However, Tuesdays low ended up holding and $DKNG rallied for a 12.8% gain from Monday’s entry point.

$FB: A little slow out of the gate, but still a nice 2.3% move from the buy zone

$SPCE: Gapped over my entry zone, so unfortunately I missed this play… but if you managed to find an entry, you caught a massive 25% move, congrats!

$TSLA: Tesla also gapped above my entry target of $481, so this goes down as another missed set up. If you got in Friday, you would have caught 22%!

Congrats on another great week, and thanks for reading! I will post Monday’s set ups soon. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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Happy Trading Everyone! 

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