11/30 Market Update

Great Start to the Week!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all are well. It was an exciting start to the week with plenty of movement. $ES_F gave a fake breakdown and followed it with a hard bullish reversal into the close finishing the day down only 0.11% with $NQ_F +0.50%.

Today’s setups played out nicely today giving a couple nice trades. Members of the new trading group caught $WMT 155c for 30%, with runners open at +125%… as well as $DIS 150c for 50% with runners open at +12%.

Setups Recap:

$ES_F Short: Passed, never triggered

$AAPL Long: Passed, never pulled back into the zone

$DIS Long: Winner, +1.64% move out of the buy zone at the open. Members got +50% on the 150c. $DIS did end up dropping back into the zone but held its low and got a nice push into the close

$SPCE Long: Winner, Unfortunately I missed this one. It tagged the .382 and ripped 6%, and is up another 7% After Hours. I hope some of you caught the move! If so, congrats!

$WMT Long: Winner, +1.87% move from the buy zone on the completion of wave (e). Members bagged 125% on 155c runners

Set ups for 12/01

$AMD Long Set Up

This one may take a day to set up, but keep an eye on the wave (iv) pullback. Look for a 38.2-50% retrace from the end of (iii) to go long.

$NFLX Long Set Up

$NFLX is on my personal watch list for tomorrow for a nice scalp play. I’m looking for a 61.8% retrace for minor wave ii around $485. If there is a gap up, make sure to adjust the fib lines to account for a larger wave i

$RKT Long Set Up

1,2-1,2 set up on $RKT. Wave i could extend further so make sure to adjust the fib lines if so. I expect a nice buying opportunity tomorrow or Wednesday.

If you’re interested in live alerts, check out my new trading group! Remember, don’t force any trades, let the set ups come to you! If the set up does not develop, don’t chase… That is a sure fire way to lose money. There will always be another set up right around the corner!

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