12/02 Market Update

Another relatively slow day in the markets today, but still plenty of opportunities. The overnight fade on $ES_F was more shallow than I expected, and it looks like it wants to continue upwards towards 3700. Failure to break Tuesday’s high could lead us down to test 3624.

The trading group had another awesome day, catching $ZM calls at the open for a 10 minute scalp. $ZM runners hit 100% and $DIS runners from Monday were closed at 310%

Some sweet set ups are starting to develop… stay patient and let the market come to you!

12/01 Set Ups Recap:

$ES_F Long: Passed, never reached the buy zone

$BABA Long: Open, currently +4%

$WKHS Long: Passed, Invalidated at the open

$ZM Long: Winner, a quick 5% rip from entry. The trading group caught over 100% profits on 450 calls

*DISCLAIMER: Not financial advice. I am not a certified financial advisor. The ideas shown in this newsletter are representative of my personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a buy or sell signal. Always do your own proper research and understand the risk before making an investment*

$ES_F Update

$ES_F is still hanging out in this channel. Wave iii should test the upper bound, which may be a good short scalp opportunity. Be aware that there’s a chance wave ii is not yet finished and it may need to test 3624 before a strong breakout to 3700+

$AMD Long

I’ve been watching this set up all week and its finally starting to develop. Wave (iii) should be done, and I plan on buying wave (iv) in the support range around $88-$89 with a stop at $87.50.

$SPCE Long

$SPCE looks just about ready for another rip. I’m looking to buy the next pullback with a target of $32. I expect $SPCE to hit 35 by the year’s end

If you’re interested in live alerts, Q&A and more detailed set ups check out my new trading group! Remember, don’t force any trades, let the set ups come to you! If the set up does not develop, don’t chase… That is a sure fire way to lose money. There will always be another set up right around the corner!

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