12/03 Market Update

Hi all, a quick update for you all. $ES_F showing some bearish divergence so stay vigilant. Divergence doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate drop, but it has to be resolved at some point. I’m not looking to take too many trades tomorrow, unless $ES_F becomes more clear.

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Set Ups Recap:

$AMD Long: Passed, still developing. Set up still valid

$BABA Long (swing trade from Wednesday): Winner, +3.4% bounce. I caught 275c with the trading group for a nice profit

$SPCE Long: Passed, set up still developing

Set Ups for 12/4

$NIO Long

Looking like wave (v) of 3 has started. I am preparing to go long around $42.50 for the start of subwave iii of (v).

*Clarification in the second chart- the orange (i)-(iv) are sub waves of yellow (v) and should be labeled i, ii, iii, iv*

$AMZN Long

Watching $AMZN tomorrow for a possible scalp opportunity. $AMZN has been painfully slow lately but it could breakout very soon.

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