Market Update 12/7-12/11: Big Tech Explosion?

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Good evening everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. If you have been following this newsletter over the last few weeks, I’ve been calling for a big tech explosion like a broken record… and I think the week is finally here. All the major names look ready, finally. I am specifically watching $AMZN and $MSFT to signal the run.

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Set Ups 12/07-12/11:


$AMZN has been painfully slow in the last few weeks, with every move seeming to be a fakeout. It appears to finally be ready for a nice rip. I expect a swift move up to 3300+ this week, as big tech takes off.


Of the major tech leaders, $AAPL is the least bullish this week in my opinion. I expect an early push that could fade throughout the week. $AAPL has been ahead of its group lately, and could pull back as everything catches up.


I am looking for a pullback early on Monday to catch the ride up to $100


$DKNG had a quiet week last week as it put in a wave 4. I expect a move to roughly $58.


This one could go either way, I’ll be watching this closely for an entry sometime this week.


$PYPL has been consolidating nicely, and appears to be setting up for a move to $230


The sleeping giant is almost ready to go. Once this name starts moving, I expect many others to follow.


$SPCE has been on the move for a while now, and is setting up for a final push into the $31 range, before a larger scale wave 4 correction.


Everyone’s favorite casino game, $TSLA, could have more gas in the tank still (or should I say, more charge in the battery). I will be on alert for a move to $640 this week.


$NFLX started wave v of (iii) last Friday and should get some early continuation into the $515 range.


My previous count was busted last week. We could be in for a deeper correction towards the .786

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