12/7-12/11 Recap

Hello everyone, hopefully you all had a great week of trading. This week in the markets was not quite what I expected, however the hypothesis of a tech explosion is still very much intact, and will be addressed further in tomorrow’s newsletter.

Despite the failure of some set ups, the success of the others made up the difference and I was able to end up with a small profit on the week. The tech explosion I expected this week, should start early next week. The details of this will be addressed in tomorrow’s update, so stay tuned! (Reminder, set ups will only be posted once per week going forward. For daily updates consider joining the trading group)

For today, a recap of last week’s set ups…

$AMZN: Loss, broke below the invalidation level. -1.21% move to invalidation

$AAPL: Win, a nice 3.71% move for wave v of (i) followed by the expected fade

$AMD: Loss, an early fakeout to the upside before a fade. -3.5% move to invalidation

$DKNG: Win, Wave 4 finished right in the zone and ripped for 16.8%. I caught about a 7% move for 150% profit on calls

$FSR: Win, followed the set up just about perfectly. dropped to within $0.11 of my target and I entered long on Friday at this level

$PYPL: Win, I expected a triangle correction and it ended up being a zig-zag. Regardless, a nice bounce out of the zone for 4.6%

$MSFT: Loss, Had a nice push but couldn’t hold it. 1.36% drop to invalidation

$SPCE: Win, Awesome rip for 24.7%

$TSLA: Win, 9.29% move tagging my target level perfectly before a fade

$NFLX: Win, Great 4.79% move on Monday hitting my level then fading throughout the week

$RKT: Passed, Never hit my buy zone. bounced early for a 12% move

Stay tuned for new set ups in tomorrow’s update!

If you’re interested in live updates, Q&A and more detailed set ups check out my new trading group! Remember, don’t force any trades, let the set ups come to you! If the set up does not develop, don’t chase… That is a sure fire way to lose money. There will always be another set up right around the corner!

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