Recap 12/14-12/18

This week was just about perfect… The big tech explosion has begun! With the exception of $SPCE, all set ups from last week’s newsletter were successful. It was certainly a profitable week for me, I hope the same is true for all of you! If you missed any of this week’s move, fear not! I expect an even more dramatic move coming next week… but this will be covered more in tomorrow’s update.

Also, incase you missed it, my free Elliott Wave Guide is now available.


$ES_F & $NQ_F: Winners, $ES 1.9% move; $NQ 4.2% move

$AMZN: Winner, +4.7% move, plenty of upside still to come

$DKNG: Winner, 11.8% move (I got 200% on calls and some members of the trading group caught up to 300%)

$FSR: Winner, I posted my $14.40 level on 12/02 when $FSR was $18. It tagged $14.34 and ripped 18% (I got 100% on calls and some members of the trading group got up to 150%)

$NFLX: Winner, 7% move right to my $533 target

$PYPL: Winner, 11.2% move

$MSFT: Winner, 4% move (However, I took too aggressive of a strike/expiration and ended up with a loss…)

$NIO: Winner, Nice push towards the end of the week +14.2%

$SPCE: Loss, The only failed set up of the week. Some brutal headlines back to back, blew straight through my buy zone and invalidation zone…however I do have a new count and it looks very bullish for next week.

Make sure to check back in Sunday around 8:00pm PST for this week’s set ups!

If you’re interested in live updates, Q&A and more detailed set ups check out my new trading group! Remember, don’t force any trades, let the set ups come to you! If the set up does not develop, don’t chase… That is a sure fire way to lose money. There will always be another set up right around the corner!

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