Market Update 1/4-1/8: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all, I wish everyone the best for 2021. A few things before diving into this week’s set ups… First, I have started a YouTube channel and will begin posting more educational content soon. Secondly, I am working on a full length Elliott Wave/Options 101 video series. This will hopefully be available near the end of the month. Lastly, the $5k to $25k challenge starts tomorrow, I will be posting weekly updates along the way. If you are interested in real time updates, check out the Trading Group.

This week should be a good one for trading. We finally are back to a full week and should see volume and volatility return. There are a few great set ups I have been waiting on and I believe this may be the week to capitalize… best of luck everyone!

$ES_F 2h

I am expecting a solid move up to 3775 on Monday/Tuesday followed by a pullback towards 3725. I will be looking to buy the dip at this level.


A nice long set up for $AAPL. I will be looking for a 1,2 move off the low to take a trade.


$AMZN finally made a move last week and has since retraced to the .618 fib. I will be watching for a move towards 3500 this week and next.


$MRNA has been hit with some bad news lately… but it has created a nice dip buying opportunity. I will be looking for a possible entry as long as it holds above $95.


$MSFT and $AAPL are on similar paths. I will be watching to see if one acts as a ‘lead’ for the other.


My personal favorite set up at the moment… I will be looking for an entry around $22 for a sharp move upwards.

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