Members Update 6/21

Good evening team, a fairly short update for you all tonight. I will not be trading tomorrow, but here’s a few setups to keep in mind. I expect tomorrow to be choppy and probably somewhat corrective as markets digest the massive bounce from today — Stay patient!

$ES_F 4H (View)

  • A huge bounce today for what is likely wave 1 of V. I will be looking for a bounce near 4175 to kick off wave 3.

$JKS Daily (View)

  • I have buy orders set at $36 – Ready to buy and hold to $100!

$NIO 4H (View)

  • This likely will take a few days to setup, but the wave (ii) buy will be a great opportunity

$CCIV 4H (View)

  • Looking for a (c) wave to the .786 for a dip buy

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