Members Update 7/18

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I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but $RTY is (still) the key to this market. The overnight action suggests $RTY may bottom by or shortly after the cash open tomorrow, which would likely mark the bottom across the board.

My 3 step plan for the week:

  1. Evaluate the bounce tomorrow to determine if it is impulsive or corrective
  2. If impulsive, I will get long in the growth sector
  3. If corrective, I will look to short the final move down… then go long growth

We will discuss the structure of the bounce during the livestream tomorrow


$RTY (View)

$ES (View)

$NQ (View)

Management Plan:

  • Most likely taking profits on the rest of the $IWM puts at the open… Will depend on overnight action, but I expect a bottom soon. Nothing else to manage at the moment.


My main focus for Monday will be swing entries and evaluating the major indices. I have no desire to rush into weekly calls and/or puts unless there is a clear setup. As things develop throughout the week there will be more setups for the shorter term.

Short Term Setups:

$TSLA (View)

  • Looking for a bounce early this week. I will enter weekly calls on a break of 647 with targets of 658 and 670. Must stay above 638.

$DIS (View)

  • Watching for a potential wave 4 bounce to re-enter short

I will also be watching $RTY for a potential entry on 7/23 or 7/30 $IWM calls

Swing Setups:

$FSLY (View)

  • Looking to start a swing position on $FSLY once $52.16 is reclaimed. My stops will be at the wave (2) low. Setup valid as long as 52 trades before 40.

JAGX (View)

  • Looking for a reversal here. If 1.42 breaks before 1.09 I will enter long with stops at the wave (ii) low

$SPCE (View)

  • Waiting for a reversal to start a long term swing position.

$WKHS (View)

  • Watching for an impulsive bounce to enter long with targets of $22 and $29+.

$SOFI (View)

  • Waiting very patiently for $12 to load up

$PLTR (View)

  • Expecting $PLTR to test $19-20… I will be buying hand over fist at those levels

$FUV (View)

  • Watching for an entry around $10-$11

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