Members Update 7/28

*disclaimer: Not financial advice. This is my personal trade plan only. I am not qualified or licensed to advise anyone on their specific positions or trades, I am sharing my personal opinions only. Never make financial decisions based on any information on this site or any associated platforms. Always consult a professional for investment related advice and do your due diligence*


  • I lean bullish here for the next few days. I’m expecting a push higher to complete some larger degree waves with a moderate sell off (3-5%) to follow. This is no time for complacency, I am staying flexible with these counts. Bearish levels listed in charts

$ES (View)

  • All roads lead to 4450… as long as 4338 holds. I expect a sell from the 4450 area

$NQ (View)

  • Bullish above 14,775 — $AMZN earnings tomorrow could shake things up so I’m staying flexible

$RTY (View)


$PLTR (View)

  • This doubles as a ‘setup’ but my main focus is adding to my swing position. I want to load up heavily around $22 as long as the drop into the zone is a corrective move. I will either trim shares or sell covered calls at $27.50 and look to take most profits at $31. I have some concern that this structure is a large X wave, so I will not get greedy above the 1.0 extension.

$JAGX (View)

  • I moved my stops to breakeven a bit prematurely. I have reset them at 1.26 and will allow the trade to develop. Above wave 1’s high is when I will raise stops.

$AMC (View)

  • Raising my stops to $36.07 – Looking for a break above $41 to invalidate the H/S and start a strong move up


Mid term/ Swings:

$FSLY (View)

  • It looks like $FSLY is bouncing impulsively from the golden zone. I will enter long at $53.50 with stops at $46.32, target is $90

$GRWG (View)

  • The weed sector was strong today. A triangle wave 4 looks to be complete on $GRWG here. I will be scaling into a swing position tomorrow/Friday with stops at $37.30.

Short term/Daytrades:

$DIS (View)

  • Opportunity on both sides here. Watching for a short entry tomorrow morning for a quick move down to $177. I will look to flip long around $176.

$ROKU (View)

  • A break below $463 can start a swift wave down for wave C. Targets are $443 and $430, valid below $474.

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