Members Update 9/23

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  • Indices are at a key juncture here… My primary counts still call for new local lows. However, if there is any bullish continuation and/or lack of a strong reversal tomorrow, it will become more likely that the bulls are back in control. I am watching closely and prepared for both scenarios.

$ES (View)

$NQ (View)

$RTY (View)

$ARKK (View)


Heading into tomorrow I am prepared for both bullish and bearish scenarios. I will be watching for indices to confirm a direction and focus on the corresponding setups.

$FSLY (View)

  • Looking to scale into a swing position as this (2) develops

$TWLO (View)

  • Watching the golden zone for a reversal targeting $320

$MSFT (View)

  • Looking for a short opportunity if market conditions permit. Watching for a reversal from here targeting $285

$SHOP (View)

  • A possible 1,2 off the lows. I will be looking for confirmation of the impulsive structure and buy the corrective wave 2 pullback

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