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Well this has been quite the 2 day rally. Sentiment has flipped completely bullish and many consider ATH’s a lock by the end of October… I’m still not convinced.

There are many bullish setups on individual names, I admit. However, $ES $NQ $RTY all appear to be setting up some nasty bull traps – very similar to last September/October. There are certainly bullish possibilities and the bear counts could get busted early next week… but for now, I remain on bear watch

This does not mean I am going short first thing Monday. In fact, as you know, I am holding longs in several individual stocks in my position account (shares and/or January calls)

My plan for this week is very simple: Watch for a possible reversal and act accordingly. If the reversals occur and the bearish paths do develop, I will trim longs and add to my hedges (position account). Additionally I will be looking at the bearish setups for trades in my shorter term accounts — If there is no reversal and the bull alts play out, I will trim hedges and focus on the several bullish setups that are developing.

While I think the bears may have an edge here, anything can happen. I am prepared either way. No need to get attached to either side.

$ES (View)

$ES ALT (View)

$NQ (View)

$NQ ALT (View)

$RTY (View)

  • Bearish possibility for rusty… if $NQ and $ES take the bear route, this will too. $RTY may even lead, so watching for impulsive action to the downside

$ARKK (View)

  • A contradiction to the bearish looks… growth looks quite impulsive. This may change quickly in the event other indices take the bear routes. Staying cautious.


$MRNA Short (View)

  • Setup: 3,4-1,2 down
  • Confluence: Bearish divergence on w4 high + Corrective move up since w3 low
  • Entry Trigger: 15m Reversal pattern from fib zone
  • Conditions: Completion of 5th of 1 down & a corrective structure up for 2.

$NIO Long (View)

  • Setup: B-1,2
  • Confluence: Divergence on prior swing low
  • Entry Trigger: 1H Reversal pattern from fib zone
  • Conditions: Completion of w1, corrective move down for 2

$PDD Long (View)

  • Setup: 1,2-1,2
  • Confluence: Falling wedge, fib alignment
  • Entry Trigger: 15m Reversal from fib zone OR 15m Divergence on 5-5-C
  • Conditions: Impulse completes below $92

$MSFT Long (View)

  • Setup: 3,4-1,2
  • Confluence: Cup & Handle Possibility
  • Entry Trigger: 4H Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Corrective move down. Index alignment

$DKNG (View)

Setup: 3,4-1,2 down
Confluence: Bear flag
Entry Trigger: 15m Reversal from fib zone
Conditions: Corrective move up before breaking the w3 low at $47.54

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