Members Update 10/18

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No major surprises today, $ES and $NQ worked their way up for wave 5 while $RTY was weak. Bears have a chance here, lets see if they can do some damage. If not, bull season!

Same plan for me: If bears show up, trim longs and enter short (already hedged). If bears are hibernating, trim hedges and ride longs.

$ES (View)

  • $ES closing at resistance in the GZ and right on the 1.0 fib extension. If the bears are going to reverse it, it will be in this area

$NQ (View)

  • $NQ closed in the GZ and right under the trendline in this broadening formation. Watching closely to see if there is a reversal. If not, refer to the bull counts in the previous newsletter.

$RTY (View)

  • So far, $RTY looks like a 1,2 down from (x). If the swing high holds, this could lead the way down for the bears.

$ARKK (View)

  • Still looking bullish for now. Please note, it is very unlikely that $ARKK remains bullish *if* the bear counts for $ES $NQ $RTY play out. in that case, $ARKK would likely see $100-$103. But until there are some reversals, I will leave the bullish case for reference.


$RTY Short (View)

  • Setup: X-1,2 Down
  • Confluence: Impulsive rejection from trendline. Supply at .618 +Fib confluence
  • Entry Trigger: 1H reversal from fib zone (or 5m 1,2 down)
  • Conditions: Completes w2 and rejects impulsively
  • Notes: I am already short from 2263. I think there is a decent chance 2 is already complete and will slice through 2248 (where I will add). But I want to be prepared for a higher 2 just incase. So far the move down from the intraday high is a bit more choppy than I’d like to see to start a w3. Either way, adding short at the .618 rejection or the break of 48. Stops will adjust as invalidation shifts

$ES Short (View)

  • Setup: X-1,2
  • Confluence: Bearish divergence
  • Trigger: 15m 1,2 down
  • Conditions: Must be impulsive down, corrective up

$NFLX Long (View)

  • Setup: 3,4-1,2
  • Confluence: Index bull counts
  • Trigger: 30m Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Indices must take bullish routes, move down must be corrective

$NET Short (View)

  • Setup: W3 sell
  • Confluence: Bearish divergence (daily)
  • Trigger: 1D reversal pattern
  • Conditions: Must show a reversal on the daily with impulsive downwards momentum.

$TDOC Long (View)

  • Setup: 4-1,2
  • Confluence: Divergence on IV low (daily) + Potential downtrend break
  • Trigger: 1H Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Wave 2 completes below $133.80

$PTON Long (View)

  • Setup: 1,2-1,2-1,2
  • Confluence: Divergence on prior lows
  • Trigger: 30m Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Corrective action down for w2, indices taking bullish path
  • $NIO $MSFT $LCID setups are also still in play (see previous update) — Simply adjust fib retracements for new entry zones. Conditions and entry triggers unchanged.

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