Member Update 10/25

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The pullbacks that began on Friday were cut shorter than expected. It appears that the corrections were of a lower degree than I originally thought. This ‘grind up’ may continue a bit, but eventually we should see that wave 4 dip/consolidation. I’m not interested in longs on the indices yet, but it’s also tough to short these types of moves. My plan is to simply focus on individual setups and wait for an impulse down/correction up before entering short $ES $NQ $RTY. I expect a bit of a deeper pullback on $RTY and $ARKK coming up, which could be an incredible buying opportunity. From here, watching structure and staying patient. Big earnings week, no need to force anything.

$ES (View)

$NQ (View)

$RTY (View)

$ARKK (View)

  • There is a bit of vagueness in $ARKK’s substructure in regards to degree. This could extend one wave further, however I lean towards wave 1 completing here due to channel resistance and RSI divergence. Whether it extends or not, looking to load the boat on wave 2.


$TLRY Long (View)

  • Setup: X-1,2
  • Confluence: Bullish Divergence on prior low
  • Trigger: 4H Reversal from Fib zone
  • Conditions: Must be impulsive on low time frames

$AAPL Long (View)

Setup: 3,4-1,2
Confluence: Index Strength
Trigger: 30m Reversal from fib zone (below 0.5 fib) OR break of $149
Conditions: Index alignment

$OCGN Long (View)

Setup: 4-1,2
Confluence: 50MA + Volume Shelf
Trigger: Scale Entry $8-$9.50
Conditions: Must be within scale zone

$PYPL Long (View)

Setup: A-a,b
Confluence: Algo divergence
Trigger: 1H Reversal from fib zone
Conditions: Must reverse between .618-.887 fibs.

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