Member Update 11/1

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These seemingly never ending grinds up that we’ve been seeing on $ES and $NQ are some of the toughest to count. There is a bit of vagueness surrounding the wave-degrees, but regardless I expect some form of healthy consolidation shortly. I will be watching the structure of this upcoming pullback to clear up any confusion regarding degree. $RTY appears to be setting up in a 1,2-1,2 formation. If this is the case, I will look to be heavily long (while managing risk properly) and hold on for several hundred points.

In short, bullish – but expecting some form of a correction later in the week/into next week


$ES 30m





Several setups developing, but many require some pullbacks first. I don’t want to force anything just yet, so I will be keeping my focus narrowed to the following setups while the bulk develop:

$ES Long

  • Setup: 4-1,2
  • Confluence: Demand
  • Trigger: 15m Reversal from 4597-89
  • Conditions: Structure down MUST be corrective

$AAPL Long

  • Setup: A-a,b
  • Confluence: Demand Zone
  • Trigger: 15m Reversal from Fib/Demand zone
  • Conditions: Must reverse between the .618 and bottom of demand zone

$PTON Long

  • Setup: 1,2 (or A,B)
  • Confluence: Market alignment (watching for divergences to form)
  • Trigger: 4H Reversal from GZ
  • Conditions: Probably a few days early on this setup. Waiting for that drop below $88

$AMD Short

  • Setup: A,B
  • Confluence: Fib confluence
  • Trigger: 1H Reversal down
  • Conditions: Must not break $127. *Caution with this setup*. Looking for confluence in the form of Algo divergence, $NQ weakness, etc.

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