Member Update 11/3

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  • These are some impressive extensions we are seeing across the indices. Nothing significant has changed in structure other than wave extension. Wave 4’s are still expected on $ES and $NQ with a lower degree 2 on $RTY. I did, however, modify the degree on $ES slightly to better fit with $NQ. This extension indicates a higher degree 3 and clears up the ‘vagueness of degree’ I mentioned in previous updates. While I still do expect a mild pullback soon, trying to time the end of these monster waves has been a fools game (I’m the fool in this case). From here I will wait for the trend to break; and until then I will remain focused on longs (still properly hedged of course). More details below





$PDD Long:

  • Setup: A,B
  • Confluence: Bull flag, Fib zone, Demand zone (2m)
  • Trigger: 30m Reversal from Fib + Demand zone
  • Conditions: Must bounce before $89

$UBER Long:

  • Setup: 1,2-1,2
  • Confluence: N/A — Will look for LTF divergences as w2 develops
  • Trigger: 4H Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Must be corrective down and hold > $43

$BA Long:

  • Setup: W4 Bounce
  • Confluence: Fibs + Demand
  • Trigger: 1H Reversal from Demand
  • Conditions: Must hold >210

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