Members’ Newsletter 12/10

*disclaimer: Not financial advice. This is my personal trade plan only. I am not qualified or licensed to advise anyone on their specific positions or trades, I am sharing my personal opinions only. Never make financial decisions based on any information on this site or any associated platforms. Always consult a professional for investment related advice and do your due diligence*


  • Today was a good day for the bulls as the main indices broke to the upside from their consolidation ranges. Barring a significant reversal Sunday night, I expect continuation for the first half of the week
  • Once these moves complete, I will look to take short term RISK OFF and await the w(2) pullbacks
    • Note: This does not mean I will be short or immediately go all cash; rather I will reduce risk and proceed with extra caution on longs
  • I may look for shorts in the later half of the week IF we get a clear move down from the (1) highs.


  • Today’s flag break likely signals the end of w4. As long as 4680 holds I expect ATH’s by the middle of next week


  • $NQ was a little shaky early in the day, but rebounded nicely on the second test of demand. Just a tad more continuation should send this to 16,600


  • $YM finally broke out of the w4 bull flag and is looking bullish to 36,200


  • I’m keeping an eye on bitcoin this weekend as a sentiment guide. I’d like to see strength from this backtest to signal a ‘risk on’ environment heading into Monday. A break back down into the channel could be a hint of weakness in the equity markets.


$RBLX Long:

  • Setup: 4-1,2
  • Confluence: Demand zone, Trendline support
  • Trigger: Break above 116.14 (or 2H Reversal from fib zone)
  • Conditions: If there is gap up, I will wait until a dip to at least 118

$UBER Long:

  • Setup: 1,2
  • Confluence: Algo divergence, Oscillator divergence, Massive options flow
  • Trigger: Break above 37.04
  • Conditions: Must reverse and trigger entry without a 2H close below 36.34

$NVDA Long

  • Setup: 4-1,2
  • Confluence: Demand Zone, Algo Divergence
  • Trigger: Break above 302.57 (4H Reversal)
  • Conditions: Must Trigger without a 4H close below 290

$ARKK Long

  • Setup: 4-1,2
  • Confluence: Gap fill, Reversing from weekly demand
  • Trigger: 4H Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Must Reverse above 92

$TSLA Long:

  • Setup: 4-1,2
  • Confluence: Strong Algo, Hidden bullish divergence
  • Trigger: Break above 1022
  • Conditions: Must trigger before a 2H close below 976

$GM Short

  • Setup: A,B Down
  • Confluence: Supply, Trendline convergence
  • Trigger: 4H Reversal from supply
  • Conditions: Must reverse before $64


$SNAP Long

$AAL Long

$TWLO Long

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