Members’ Newsletter 1/20

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Today’s action puts us into a key range for a potential bottom. I will be watching carefully for signs of a reversal over the next few days.


  • The w4 bounce today was one degree higher than expected, leading to a wave 5 that was a bit longer than expected. There’s no guarantee that it’s complete yet, but I am looking for a reversal from this zone.



  • Yesterday I mentioned that $RTY appeared to be one wave behind, which was odd because it is usually one wave ahead… Today showed us that $RTY was indeed ahead as the bounce on $ES and $NQ was one degree higher than expected. I will be watching $RTY for relative strength as a possible leading indicator.


  • $ARKK closed green today, showing some slight relative strength. It is below channel support and (still) needs a bounce very soon


  • $AAPL is entering a key fib zone. A bounce from here would likely correlate with a reversal in the indices. Failure to bounce here would be a red flag


  • Similar to $AAPL, $MSFT will be a major part of the reversal. A bounce here is key, failure to bounce would be a red flag.


Elliott Wave Setups:

  • I am watching several long setups as they develop, but very few are ready yet. I will be watching for reversals from these key areas over the next week. If/when this reversal occurs there should be several long opportunities. These will be outlined in greater detail in this weekend’s prep.
  • Given that tomorrow is OPEX and markets are still shaky, I will be extra cautious. I am watching a few setups, but my priority will be to evaluate the indices and prepare for the next major move.

$6B (British Pound Futures) Short

  • Setup: Type A
  • Confluence: Supply/Trendline
  • Trigger: 15m Rejection from fib zone
  • Conditions: Move up must be corrective, Wave 1 must not break the swing low (1.3568)

$LCID Long:

  • Setup: Type A
  • Confluence: Hidden Bullish Divergence
  • Trigger: 2H Reversal from fib zone
  • Conditions: Indices must be showing signs of reversal. Ideally $LCID gaps down into the zone and reverses red to green


  • Setup: Type C
  • Confluence: Bear flag
  • Trigger: 1H Rejection from fib zone
  • Conditions: Move into the zone must be corrective

Day Trade Setups:

$BABA Short:

  • Setup: Type 3
  • Confluence: Bearish Algo divergence
  • Trigger: Break of 130.68

$PDD Short:

  • Setup: Type 2
  • Confluence: Bearish Algo Divergence
  • Trigger: Break below 66.03

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