Weekend Prep – March 16-20

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In short… the indices might have found a temporary bottom, but probably not. Let’s discuss:

$ES 1W

  • Markets finally broke through support and flushed to HTF demand. The weekly candle closed with a long lower wick. This upcoming week will be key for both sides.

$ES 1D

  • Price overshot daily demand, but buyers managed to step in to close the week strong. Monthly demand is still waiting below.

$NQ 1W

  • $NQ flushed to weekly demand and bounced into the end of the week. Bulls are looking for continuation from here, ideally taking out the right shoulder of the smaller H&S.

$NQ 1D

  • The bounce from demand has been strong so far, but there is still room to the distal at 11.5k in the event $ES heads lower to monthly demand.

Wave Counts:

$NQ Macro (1M)

  • The possibility that we are within a high degree correction remains elevated. Unless indices rally with extreme strength in the next month, we can expect the current market environment to be present for some time.

$ES 3D

  • If indices are in fact in a high degree correction, we may see a structure similar to this. Of course, the specific levels will become clear as price action develops.

$ES 6H

  • This week, I will be most interested in how price arrives and reacts to 6H supply. A corrective arrival + rejection would likely send it to monthly demand. A break above supply would be, at least in the near term, bullish.

$NQ 6H

  • $NQ is in the same boat as $ES. I will be watching 6H supply closely.

$YM 12H

  • Similar to the other indices, $YM has supply overhead. The arrival and reaction to this zone will be key for near term momentum.


$CAT Short

  • Setup: 1,2-1,2 Down
  • Confluence: 4H Supply
  • Trigger: Rejection from 4H supply
  • Conditions: Arrival to the zone MUST be corrective, indices must align.


1H View:

  • Setup: Type B
  • Confluence: Weekly supply, new 4H supply
  • Trigger: Rejection from 4H supply
  • Notes: One more 4H low is required for 4H supply, bounce to the zone must be corrective in structure.

$MA Short

  • Developing Setup: Watching for a corrective arrival to 1D supply followed by a LTF reversal structure. Target remains $300 minimum.

$PFE Short

  • Developing Setup: Still watching $PFE for a rejection from 2H supply

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