Members’ Newsletter 5/16

*disclaimer: Not financial advice. This is my personal trade plan only. I am not qualified or licensed to advise anyone on their specific positions or trades, I am sharing my personal opinions only. Never make financial decisions based on any information on this site or any associated platforms. Always consult a professional for investment related advice and do your due diligence*


$ES 6H

  • Today was a consolidation day for wave B of (B). While today was quite uneventful, this consolidation should set up a more volatile rest of the week. I will be watching for a slight dip overnight before the push to 6H supply. From there I will be evaluating arrival and reaction.

$ES 30m

  • Watching for a possible expanded flat for wave B of (B)

$NQ 6H

  • No changes. Expecting a bit more chop before the push to supply above.

$YM 6H

  • $YM was a bit stronger than $ES and $NQ today, but the structure off the lows does not favor the bulls so far. I will be watching the arrival to supply and reacting accordingly… but I do suspect supply will hold up once again.


**Still watching $CAT, $MA (see yesterday’s post)

$ES Short

  • Setup: Type A
  • Confluence: 2m supply on the .618
  • Trigger: Rejection from 2m supply/fib zone
  • Notes: Arrival must be corrective

$PFE Short

10m View:

  • Developing Setup: $PFE has been correcting sideways for nearly a month now. This may be a situation where the correction occurs in time, not price. Price rejected from 30m supply into the close. I will now be watching for a LTF reversal structure in order to short. If this structure does not develop, I will wait for 2H supply above.

$AAPL Short

  • Developing Setup: Similar to the indices, $AAPL is approaching a key juncture. I will be watching the arrival and reaction at 45m supply above. I expect a rejection with the indices, but I will be patient and allow price to confirm one way or the other.

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