Members’ Newsletter 5/17

*disclaimer: Not financial advice. This is my personal trade plan only. I am not qualified or licensed to advise anyone on their specific positions or trades, I am sharing my personal opinions only. Never make financial decisions based on any information on this site or any associated platforms. Always consult a professional for investment related advice and do your due diligence*


$ES 6H

  • We have arrived at supply… now, I am watching for a reversal structure.

$ES 20m

  • The LTF count suggests this corrective WXY is nearly complete. I will be watching for a reversal structure overnight

$NQ 6H

  • Nearly at 6H supply

$YM 6H

  • Looking for one more push higher into 12H supply as $ES completes its corrective structure and $NQ nears supply.


$PFE Short

Developing Setup: 30m supply was busted, so it’s back to waiting for 2H supply

$GC_F Long

  • Developing Setup: Reversal structure off the lows with 45m demand. I’m watching for a LTF reversal structure from here in order to get long. I will be looking to take profits and possibly flip short from 3H supply above at 1845.

$MA Short

  • Developing Setup: If the indices squeeze a bit higher tomorrow, I will be watching $MA for a reversal from daily supply. The ideal scenario is a novice gap up into the zone.

$AMD Long

45m View

  • Developing Setup: Consider this setup a ‘bullish backup’. If the markets pullback in a corrective fashion and find some demand, I will be watching $AMD for longs. This reversal structure is coming from a key HTF location and 15m level on level demand has printed on the way up. For me to take this long, indices must prove the bear counts to be incorrect.

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