Members’ Newsletter 5/18

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What a day… Indices sold off ~5% from supply, nearly straight down. Bearish counts are now confirmed – I am now looking to aggressively short any corrective bounces/new supply on the way to the targets.

$ES 6H

$ES 30m

  • 30m supply aligns with the 0.5-0.618 fib zone. Looking for a corrective bounce to short

$NQ 6H


  • Hourly supply + 0.618 fib confluence. Looking for a corrective bounce to short.



$FDX Short

30m View

  • Setup: Type A
  • Confluence: Daily/30m supply + fib zone
  • Trigger: Rejection from 30m supply / fib zone
  • Notes: Arrival to the zone must be corrective

$RTY Short

  • Setup: Type A
  • Confluence: 8H supply + 1H L.O.L Supply
  • Trigger: Rejection from fib/supply zone
  • Notes: Must arrive to the zone on a corrective bounce

$AAPL Short

  • Developing Setup: IF $AAPL gets a corrective bounce BEFORE breaking the swing low, I will look to short a rejection from 30m supply

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