As most of you know already, the ‘ALISD X CHANDLER TRADES’ educational program is nearing its conclusion at the end of September… So, what’s next? 

Through this program we have seen several of you rise to a new level of trading. Many friendships have been made and a truly unique community has developed. The collaboration and camaraderie of this group is unmatched – this is not something we want to lose. For these reasons, while the educational program in its current form is coming to an end, we will still remain plugged into the community. Here’s the rundown:


  • Members’ Newsletter:
    • My newsletter will continue in the current format
    • Post-market updates Mon-Thurs 
    • Weekend Prep each Sunday
  • Combined Discord Server:
    • small server for chat, collaboration and a place for me to discuss intraday ideas. There will only be 2-3 channels.
    • This will be an obligation free server for me. Some weeks I will be heavily involved, other weeks I will be away. (I will give notice when I will be away)
    • This is not a ‘signals room’, it is simply to continue the collaboration and provide a place for intraday updates
    • In an attempt to keep the current community together, both Newsletter Members AND members of the ALISD platform (details below) will have access to the server for the duration of their membership. (You will only need to be a member of one or the other to access the discord).
  • Pricing:
    • After 10/01/2022, currently existing group members will be able to sign up for $24.95. Retail price will be $29.95. 

**If you are currently a ‘newsletter access’ member (newsletter only, not part of the educational group), you will keep access AND be granted discord on 10/01 at your current price.


  • ALISD shares the same desire to remain involved with the community and is currently between a few ideas. He has decided to ask you, the community, what would you like to see from ALISD?
  • In the link below (or click here) you can vote and make suggestions for the future of the ALISD platform

  • ALISD will set his pricing according to which idea is chosen.
  • Details of his selection will be announced in ONE WEEK!
  • Reminder: Members of the ALISD platform will also have access to the combined discord server!

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