Updated 1/28/2021

General Disclaimer:
“Chandler Trades”, “chandlertrades.com”, the “Chandler Trades Discord Server” and all associated extensions (further referred to as I/me/myself/we/us) are not a registered financial advisor, broker, dealer or any form of licensed professional. All information provided is representative only of personal opinion and does not constitute as financial or legal advice. All information is for entertainment and educational purposes only; and is to be used at your own discretion and at your own risk.

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Information Responsibility:
All information and/or statements from myself or any individual associated with “Chandler Trades” are to be regarded only as personal opinion. No associate of “Chandler Trades” is a licensed professional. No information is intended as a buy or sell recommendation. By continuing on “Chandler Trades” you are acknowledging your personal responsibility for all actions made. If you are seeking financial or legal advice, please leave “Chandler Trades” and seek a licensed professional immediately.

Non-Guarantee of Results:
Chandler and/or other group members may at times disclose their OWN personal financial decisions at their OWN discretion- these decisions are in no way intended as advice or a recommendation to follow. Individual trading results are not guaranteed in any fashion. Always do you own proper research and consult a financial professional when making investment decisions.

All questions answered on this site by myself or others are only to be interpreted as personal opinion. Do not base financial decisions off of the opinions of myself or any other member.
All reviews or testimonials from members, former or current, are in no way guaranteed for future members. Past results do not indicate future performance.

Discord Server:
The Chandler Trades discord server AKA “S.Dakota Trading LLC” is a bonus community for newsletter members. By joining the server you are agreeing to take full financial and legal responsibility for all actions, and waive all rights to claim damages, losses, or hold Chandler Trades or any associated individual liable in any/all regards.

The discord server is not a ‘signal service’. Information provided is for entertainment purposes only and not intended as a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security. Do not make financial decisions based on information provided by myself or other members.

The discord server is a ‘Bonus Perk’ and I am not obligated to participate. There is no guarantee of quality, frequency or quantity of content from myself or any member of the group. I reserve the right to cease, delete or otherwise modify any content at my discretion (including information provided by other members). I also reserve the right to restrict permissions and/or access from members (both temporarily and/or permanently) at any time according to my discretion and the terms below.

Members of the group also must agree to abide by the following guidelines, breaking these guidelines may result in removal from the group at the owner’s discretion with no refund.
– Be respectful of all members at all times
– Do not attempt to give financial advice or promote any information as such
– Do not ‘promote’ any business or services
– Do not copy, reproduce or otherwise share private information of “Chandler Trades” sites and servers. All information is direct intellectual property and shall not be reproduced.
– Do not ‘pump’ or attempt to influence or manipulate the price of any security.

If you do not agree to any section of these terms, you must leave immediately and cancel all memberships.

CFTC Rule 4.41:
Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Since simulated trades have not been executed, the results may not have accounted for market factors such as liquidity or slippage. Simulated trades are not representations of actual accounts are a guarantee of future profits.

Chandler Trades may share trades for example purposes. Trades may be shared in hindsight or in a hypothetical setting in order to display an example. All trades shared should be considered hypothetical and not a guarantee of future results. Do not base financial decisions on the trades or examples shared by myself or any member of Chandler Trades.

Options & Futures Risk Disclosure:
Options and futures trading involve substantial risk, including the risk of losing more than one’s initial investment. Options and futures trading should be reserved for experienced individuals with a strong understanding of the risks. Do not trade options or futures without consulting a licensed professional beforehand.

Refunds and Payments:
No payments made to “Chandler Trades” or associates are to be interpreted as compensation for financial advice — NO FINANCIAL ADVICE WILL BE PROVIDED

There will be no refunds except in the case of overpayment. You are free to cancel payments for future payment periods at any time.

Those who cancel or miss payments will be removed from accessing the group or other parts of “Chandler Trades”

Future Modifications and Updates to Terms:
By continuing you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms above; and furthermore agree to future modifications and updates.

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